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We take up pro bono activities

We take up pro bono activities, offering selfless and non-profit legal support.


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Labour Law

We have focused on rendering legal assistance in the field of labour law. This specialisation is a result of the needs of our Clients who try to meet, in their day-to-day activities, all the requirements imposed on them as employers by Polish law and European regulations. We are aware of the importance of rights and obligations arising out of relation under labour law, specific to this relation regulations as well as all the practical issues.
We have wide experience in representing our Clients before the common courts in individual and collective labour disputes. The Firm’s practice encompasses all aspects of employee-employer relation.
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The experience of our Firm in the field of labour law includes:
- providing assistance in establishment, modification and dissolution of employment relationships, including preparation of contracts of employment, management contracts, takeovers of an employer’s entity by another employer,

- providing assistance in entering into agreements accompanying employment relation  - non-competition agreements during and after employment relation, agreements on joint financial responsibility,

- drafting rules and regulations as well as  resolutions in matters regarding internal sources of labour law, in particular rules of employment, wage regulations, rules and regulations regarding the company's social benefit fund,

- rendering ongoing legal consulting services and voicing legal opinions in all aspects of labour law, to include those related to the consideration for work and its protection, working time, holidays, accidents at work, special protection of employees against dissolution of employment relationships, group layoffs, disciplinary and material liability of employees, collective agreements, trade unions,

- participating on behalf of the Clients in negotiations with employees in individual and collective labour disputes regarding the use of collective agreements or social benefits,

- representing our Clients before common courts in employment related cases, including appeals against contract of employment termination, damages for the breach of non-competition clauses, appeals against disciplinary penalty, damages for non-performance or improper performance of employee duties.
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