Discussions on the future of the debt collection sector, open doors at debt collection companies, AFC charity run (ZPF RUN) – these are a few items on the agenda of Debt Management Days. They are organised by the Association of Financial Companies in Poland (AFC).

On 14–16 September, AFC is organising Debt Management Days in Wrocław. Together with the accompanying Debt Management Congress, they represent the largest event for the industry in Poland.

‘The debt management sector deserves to be recognised for its contribution to ensuring sustainable economic growth in Poland’, emphasises Marcin Czugan, President of ZPF.

14th Debt Management Congress. Discussion on industry challenges

The Programme Committee, of which our Managing Partner – Michał Kwieciński, advocate, and member, is working hard on the agenda of the 14th Debt Management Congress.

At the two-day Debt Management Congress in Wrocław (14–15 September), industry representatives will discuss prospects for its development. During the congress, the following issues will be addressed: the economic situation in Poland, legal changes and the use of modern technologies in the debt collection sector.

The congress agenda includes a debate on the impact of the macroeconomic situation on the recovery of receivables and a discussion by presidents of companies operating in the debt management market on the most important challenges for debt collection companies.

A detailed, regularly updated congress agenda can be found at: https://zpf.pl/kongres-zarzadzania-wierzytelnosciami – it is also possible to register for the event there.

‘The Debt Management Congress has become an inherent part of the annual series of events organised by the AFC. Nearly three thousand people representing multiple entities from various branches of the financial sector have already taken part in it’, says Rafał Tomkowicz, Chief Development Officer at AFC.

Debt Management Days. Open doors and ZPF RUN

During the Debt Management Days, AFC will also organise meetings for children and young adults at debt collection companies. ‘Open doors is an excellent opportunity to present professionally managed companies to young people and explain their role in the economy. This is just one part of our activities in the area of financial education,’ emphasises Rafał Tomkowicz.

On Saturday, 16 September, AFC invites you to participate in its charity run – ZPF RUN. It will be organised at the Partynice Racetrack in Wrocław. Any person of legal age (or over 16 years of age, with the consent of their legal guardian) can participate in the competition over a distance of 5 and 10 kilometres.

You can register for the ZPF RUN at: ZPF RUN. All proceeds from the sale of starter kits will be used to support the foundation Fundacja Pomocy Zwierzętom MATUZALKI.

More information about the ZPF RUN can be found at: https://zpf.pl/wydarzenia/zpf¬run/.

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