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Yesterday, the B2B Receivables Management and Business Support team introduced the participants to the topic of payment backlogs. They advised us on how to properly structure commercial contracts and how to recover receivables from unreliable contractors.

🔝 And today, attorney Dorota Echaust-Przybytniak, PhD and Krzysztof Podolski from RK GDPR will discuss the issues of the new DORA regulation regarding operational resilience and cybersecurity!

During the meeting they will discuss, among others:
✔️Who does the new provisions of the DORA regulation apply to?
✔️New regulations vs. previously applicable financial market regulations.
✔️How to manage the risk of outsourcing?
✔️Crisis PR – what it means and how you should prepare for crisis communication.
✔️ICT risk management and incident reporting – evolution or revolution for Polish financial institutions?
✔️Planning and implementation – what to pay attention to in the context of the new regulation.
✔️Operational digital resilience testing – what is digital resilience testing in practice.
✔️Risk management of external ICT service providers (cloud vs. local solutions).

It promises to be a very interesting meeting!

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