As early as 1-2 February 2023, experts from RK Legal – Katarzyna Konieczna, advocate, and Paulina Niedbała-Żurecka, legal counsel, will meet with you during the workshop entitled ‘Legal changes affecting civil proceedings and claim assertion’ organised by MMC Polska.

They will explain to you the course of the proceedings and preparation for the hearing, taking into account the proposed amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure. 

They will explain:

  • changes in the organisation of civil proceedings;
  • requirements for the statement of claim and pleadings;
  • changes concerning stricter rules governing the presentation of evidence and evidentiary proceedings.

At the meeting, you will also learn about:

  • latest and future changes in the preparatory proceedings,
  • new, separate proceedings in consumer cases.

We would like to invite you today to register for the upcoming event in the form of an online workshop!

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