As a member of the AFC, our law firm participated in the annual ethical audit of the association. During the process, our procedures and activities in the area of debt management and contact with those obliged to pay amounts due are subject to verification.

We decided to take this opportunity to summarise how we understand ethical actions at RK Legal:

  • Our team comprises lawyers and specialists who warrant that all our activities comply with the law and the code of ethics.
  • Our employees apply the principles of plain language in communication, thereby providing information in a way that is easy and transparent to the recipient.
  • We prefer amicable solutions and always strive to find the least onerous way of debt repayment for our clients.We have created, where consumers can find many useful educational materials, information of interest and all the necessary documents.
  • We go outside the box – we attempt to apply an individual approach to each case.

We would like to thank the Association of Financial Companies in Poland for appreciating our efforts and yet another Ethical Certificate for our law firm!

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