The pandemic has shown how important it is to introduce new technologies into everyday life – holding remote meetings of the company’s bodies, concluding contracts electronically or implementing large projects exclusively online was a major challenge.

Moving a significant part of the business to the Internet was and still is associated with many doubts on the part of companies. We help our clients, especially those with international connections, to find their way in the Polish reality, which is very slowly moving away from excessive formalism and undergoing the process of computerisation of State institutions.

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How can we support your company?

Handling of Shareholders’ Meetings/General Meetings of Shareholders

We prepare drafts of all necessary documents, assist in contacts with shareholders, especially from abroad, take active part in meetings and respond to shareholders’ requests.

Handling of the meetings of supervisory bodies

We write up minutes along with the necessary resolutions and we assist in conducting supervisory body meetings.

Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners

We monitor the correctness of entries in the Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners, prepare appropriate notifications and correct notifications incorrectly submitted by clients.

Preparation of rules of the company’s bodies

Knowing our clients, we are able to draw up rules which take into account the organisation’s current policies and procedures.

Preparation of drafts of resolutions of the company’s bodies

We make sure that resolutions of the company’s bodies are in line with the applicable law and internal regulations

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