We transform challenges into solutions: entrusting the organization of an anti-mobbing committee to RK Legal will help you effectively manage mobbing reports, protecting both your employees and the company’s reputation.

At RK Legal, we understand the challenges related to mobbing in the workplace. Mobbing not only negatively impacts employees but also poses a challenge for employers who often struggle with properly responding to reports. Therefore, we offer the service of organizing anti-mobbing committees to support HR departments from a procedural and legal perspective.

Rafał Wyziński, partner at RK Legal

What does your company gain by entrusting the organization of an anti-mobbing committee to RK Legal?

Expert Advice 

Our team of specialists will assist your company in correctly responding to mobbing reports. We provide an objective and independent approach to each case, ensuring that your company is protected from bias and potential allegations.

Compliance with the Labor Code

We help ensure that your company operates in accordance with the applicable labor law regulations regarding counteracting mobbing, minimizing legal risks.

Reliable Proceedings

Our team consists of legal experts experienced in handling mobbing-related cases. We use this experience to ensure effective and fair resolutions.

Support in Anti-Mobbing Training

We also offer training for managers, HR departments, and employees to increase awareness about mobbing and its consequences. If your company needs support in organizing an anti-mobbing committee, contact us. We are here to ensure that your workplace is safe and fair for everyone.

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