We advise on redundancy processes and employment restructuring, as well as help regulate remote and hybrid work in compliance with the law. We have experience in bullying and discrimination cases.

We know that advice on labour law must be comprehensive. Therefore, we do not forget about compliance, insurance and IT aspects.

adv. Rafał Wyziński, RK Legal partner

We help our clients in the following areas:

Remote work

There is no longer any doubt that remote work is here to stay on the Polish and global labour market. What has once been considered a benefit is now a required and necessary element of the work organisation. The lack of unambiguous rules and constantly postponed legal changes make it difficult for companies to properly regulate remote work. Together with RK RODO specialists, we have supported the transition to remote work for a number of clients, helping them to ensure data security, proper regulation of the remote working time and protection in the event of accidents while working remotely.adku przy pracy zdalnej.

Termination of contracts and collective redundancies

Mistakes when dismissing employees can be costly. We help you prepare the whole process from the beginning, so that you do not have to worry about legal security when dismissing your employees, which is always a difficult experience. We also support companies in collective redundancies and employment restructuring.

Discrimination and bullying claims

Reporting bullying or discriminatory behaviour is always a big challenge for organisations. We have the experience to help you through such processes in a safe and transparent manner. In such cases external support is often necessary to be able to objectively assess the case in a manner that is safe for the company. We show how to plan actions to be taken in such a situation, as well as organise and participate in anti-bullying and ethics committees.

Anti-corruption procedures

The labour law cannot be effectively applied in organisations without taking a broader view on compliance, including anti-corruption issues. We have helped many clients to implement the necessary procedures in this regard, often as part of a more comprehensive code of ethics. Appropriate preventive measures in this area can prove invaluable to the whole organisation in the future.

Managerial staff lawsuits

We always expect more from managers. In practice, however, it is the dismissal of such employees and subsequent managerial staff lawsuits that pose the greatest challenge to the organisation due to their importance and publicity. We have successfully handled many lawsuits brought by former high-level managers, defending clients against often unfounded claims.

Employment of foreigners, analysis of models of cooperation with foreigners

Employment of foreigners has become an everyday reality for many organisations. Our experience in this area helps to avoid many complications and these are often key processes for the efficiency of our clients’ work organisation.  We help to go through the entire process of obtaining the relevant permits, we advise on residence issues and provide support in all contacts with the authorities.

Litigation with the Social Insurance Institution

Court proceedings involving the Social Insurance Institution are often demanding and lengthy. Our practice has made us gain experience from hundreds of Social Insurance Institution lawsuits. We help clients to assess the claims before filing appeals, we support them in planning evidence proceedings and we conduct court proceedings.

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