Our law firm has seen a significant increase in the number of claims benefiting from the free credit sanction: up 60% in the first few months of 2024 compared to the whole of 2023. It is certain that the number of free credit sanction cases will continue to grow. In response to this trend, RK Legal is meeting the needs of the financial sector by offering expert legal services in free credit sanction cases, with the support of a dedicated team.

Michał Kwieciński, Managing Partner RK Legal

Our services

  • Analysis of consumer credit contracts for compliance with Article 45 of the Polish Consumer Credit Act
  • Production of legal opinions on the free credit sanction
  • Production of replies to declarations of the application of the free credit sanction
  • Handling cases in courts of law, including the attorney’s appearance during hearings

Why us?

Our law firm merges in-depth knowledge of law with experience in legal representation of financial institutions. We understand the specifics of the financial sector and the legal challenges it faces, which enables our firm to effectively defend our clients’ interests. We are experts in the field of debt management and have been representing financial institutions for years in cases of Swiss franc loans and free credit sanctions.

In every free credit sanction case against our clients to date, we have achieved a favourable outcome in the court of first instance, dismissing the claim.

What is a free credit sanction?

The credit sanction is an important consumer protection mechanism introduced under the Polish Consumer Credit Act of 12 May 2011. In certain cases, the sanction allows the pleading consumer to request the creditor to reimburse all credit costs incurred, leaving only the obligation to reimburse the credit amount itself.

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