We decided that gathering all services related to the debt recovery process – from the amicable stage to the recovery of debt by the debt collector – under one brand would make things much easier for our clients. Our aim is to get full repayment, irrespective of the amount of the debt. Our Law Firm comprehensively handles the case at the stage of enforcement, restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings.

The structure of our team allows for flexible adjustment to the requirements of our clients. We cooperate with the most effective bailiffs within the framework of the e-Komornik project created for us. It allows us to ensure the highest possible degree of creditor satisfaction.

What makes us special?

Technology is key to serving our clients

We develop our own innovative technological solutions which make it possible for us to manage projects effectively and report the progress of cases on an ongoing basis.

Data security

RK RODO is one of the few companies on the market specialising in personal data and their adequate protection from both a legal and ICT perspective.

Ongoing analytics

With the reports and analyses team consisting of several people, we can quickly respond to clients’ needs in terms of provided data and reports.

We combine competences

A team of over 120 people works for you. Among them are lawyers, debt management experts, analysts, software developers and a specialised Call Centre Department.

We belong to Polish and international industry organisations

Together with the Association of Financial Companies and Euro Collect Net Lawyers, we develop industry standards and codes of good practice that we use in our day-to-day operations.

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