In recent months, the Business Support Department team has assisted the Polski Holding Obronny in its acquisition of RR Security and the “REFLEX” Personal and Property Protection Agency.

Together with the client we worked intensively on the transaction from April to October 2022. RK Legal’s scope of support covered conducting detailed legal due diligence, transaction consultancy, negotiations, preparation of transaction documents, including the investment contract, and the execution of the transaction itself.  

The team working on the transaction was coordinated by Sylwia Kilińska-Łokieć.

Due diligence was carried out by a team consisting of Maria Muchin-Kresa, Marta Krysińska, Rafał Wyziński, Marcin Czarniawski, Jan Prasałek, Marcin Jadczak. During due diligence, RK Legal also supervised the work of the tax team responsible for tax due diligence and business valuation specialists.  

A team consisting of Sylwia Kilińska-Łokieć, Maria Muchin-Kresa and Marta Krysińska was responsible for preparing the transaction documents.

We are delighted to have been part of a project of such an importance to our client.

Congratulations and the best of luck in further development.

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Sylwia Kilińska-Łokieć

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