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I have been managing the B2B Credit Management Department. I am responsible for assisting clients in debt recovery, enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy law and litigations.

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I have experience in advising and representing clients in matters such as payment litigation in various sectors: finance (banking, leasing, loan facilities), power, or automotive. I also represent clients in enforcement, anti-enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings.

I have participated in numerous court cases: for payment, for the release of items, also against former management board members. I have advised clients on how to draw up contracts so that claiming receivables from dishonest contractors would not be a problem in the future.

How do I support entrepreneurs?

Claiming receivables from B2B contractors at pre-litigation stage — preparing the strategy of action

During the first meeting with the client, I get to learn more about the nature of the matters to be handled and I prepare comprehensive service strategy on these grounds. Depending on the scope of the data held by the client, and the subject matter of the case, I propose actions which will bring the best results.

Conducting cases for payment in finance, leasing and power industries.

If the dues are not received at the pre-litigation stage, I consider, together with the client, whether the case should be referred to the court. Before we decide to do so, I thoroughly analyse the documents and assess the chances to win.

Participating and representing the client in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

As bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings have become more and more popular, the clients should be prepared to participate in such cases. To know various options of proceeding is essential, as it often leads to satisfying the client almost in full without the need to carry out a lawsuit for years.

Litigations at the enforcement stage

Owing to the collaboration with selected and proven court enforcement officers, the proceedings are carried out with due diligence and at the lowest possible cost for the creditor. The client is informed on the course of the proceedings on an ongoing basis.

Representing the clients in litigation for the release of items and in pre-enforcement cases

In the course of the proceedings, there are situations where the subject of alienation should be taken from the debtor, or an intervention is required, when the ownership of the creditor is infringed. In such cases, it is necessary to adhere to the statutory time limits and prepare relevant arguments — and this is where I can help the clients I represent.

Training in civil as well as bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings

Due to dynamic changes in the law, I carry out training sessions for the clients, where I present current wording of the law and the procedure



  • 2019 “Increasing protection of debtors. Can business still effectively claim its dues?” — the 9th Forum of Finance Directors.
  • 2017 “Effective claiming debts from business clients – process optimisation” — Debt Collection Management Conference, 2nd edition.
  • 2016 “Overdue and bad debts — what else can we do?” — Controlling and Debt Collection —Forum of Experts and Practitioners.
  • 2016 “Extensive amendments to the Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure and other acts — revolution on the debt claim market” — Debt Collection Conference 2016. Be Modern, Client-Oriented and Effective”.


  • Advocate Traineeship — Warsaw Bar Association (2013)
  • Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (2010)


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

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