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I manage the work of the Enforcement Team in the Litigation Department. I supervise the enforcement proceedings conducted for our firm’s clients and the collaboration with court enforcement officers. I represent clients in disputes before common courts and enforcement bodies.

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My experience is focused on enforcement proceedings and on investment funds. I have dealt with these areas since 2014. I provide services to entities from lending, insurance, transport and gas industries, as well as banking institutions and investment funds. I specialize in substantive civil and procedural law, and specifically in enforcement proceedings. I gained my professional knowledge and skills in both law firms, as well as the public sector. For 4 years, I worked in the Court Enforcement Officer’s Office, where I performed independent enforcement actions.

How can I help RK Legal clients?

Enforcement proceedings

I supervise the course of the entire enforcement proceedings for RK Legal clients. I control the work of court enforcement officers. I personally deal with the most complex cases at the enforcement stage. 

Legal opinions

I draw up legal opinions explaining specific legal issues taking into account business goals of our clients.

Case handling procedures

I am responsible for developing and updating case handling procedures and streamlining the work of the team, including securitized debt management procedures.

Investment funds

I prepare and carry out debt sale transactions on behalf of investment funds. I am responsible for documentation and reports related with management of claims of these funds. 


I conduct training sessions on enforcement proceedings for the personnel and clients of our firm.



  • 2020 “Changes in the enforcement proceedings and the claims settlement” – Conference entitled Debt Collection in the Light of Legal Changes and Practical Problems.


  • Enforcement Officer Traineeship — Warsaw Association of Enforcement Officers (2017)
  • Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University in Kraków (2015)


  • English

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