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I am an attorney, member of RK Legal’s Litigation Department team.

In my day-to-day work, I focus on providing legal services in court cases in proceedings concern-ing the so-called “credits in Swiss francs”. I represent clients before the courts, at mediation hearings, settlement negotiations and in ongoing post-judgement activities.

In the team, I am responsible for ongoing contact with entities interested in the amicable set-tlement of disputes conducted with the law firm’s clients and the implementation of new solu-tions in this area.

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Since the beginning of my professional practice, I have focused on topics in the broad field of civil procedure. My experience to date has been gained in law firms specialising in areas such as commercial disputes, real estate law, i.e. “credits in Swiss francs” and ongoing legal advice dedicated to entrepreneurs. In order to get to know the civil process from the broadest possible perspective, I did my apprenticeship in the civil department of the District Court in Warsaw.

Another important experience for me was volunteering for many years at the Maciej Bednarkiewicz Academia Iuris Foundation where I provided legal aid and coordinated the work of other volunteers. Volunteering has allowed me to gain important competences in my work as a lawyer, such as the ability to communicate complex issues in an understandable way and to organise my own work and that of my team.

Currently, my professional activity is focused on providing services to entities from the banking sector – representation in court proceedings, settlement negotiations and mediations conducted as part of the so-called “credits in Swiss francs” proceedings.


  • Barrister training – District Bar Association in Warsaw (2021)
  • The Faculty of Law and Administration at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (2018)


  • English

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