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I have been providing legal assistance to businesses for over 20 years — from sole proprietors to joint stock companies. I support clients from the finance, entertainment and power sectors in corporate matters, commercial contracts, labour law and debt security and collection. I also conduct litigation in insurance cases, especially concerning insurance capital funds. I also take part in criminal cases as attorney-in-fact or defence counsel.


Below you will find selected projects executed in the course of my practice:

Finance law

Assistance to entity granting loans from the European funds, including providing opinion on and interpretation of operational agreements, drawing up and providing opinion on loan facility documentation, including templates of loan agreements, suretyships, internal regulations; collection and restructuring of loan receivables; full corporate services rendered to the company.

Energy law

Preparing of and participation in the acquisition of an organised part of a power enterprise; representation in proceedings concerning concession permits for cross-border trading in liquid fuels, as well as mandatory reserves and reserve fees, bio-components and liquid biofuels, excise and VAT; participation in court proceedings related with imposing penalty by permit-granting authority; actions required by the statutory obligations towards the regulatory authority; collection of receivables from commercial contracts concerning trade in liquid fuels.

Saving insurance policies

Handling complaints and court proceedings in cases regarding reimbursement of liquidation fee/surrender value and invalidation of life insurance contracts concluded with the insurance capital fund.

Real estate

Participation in enfranchisement proceedings; drawing up and supervision over the performance of lease agreements of commercial space; enforcement of terminated lease/rental agreements; assistance in the transaction of sale of real estate for commercial purposes (construction of a large format store).



  • Advocate Traineeship — Warsaw Bar Association (2007)
  • Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (2001)
  • School of German Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw in collaboration with the Faculty of the State and Law Studies of the Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn (2001)


  • English
  • German

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